Following the celebrations of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day at our mission church, Chapel By The Beach, one of the children asked director Divine, “What about Kids’ Day?”   The children had joyfully made special gifts for moms and dads, but the question had gone out, and all the kids thought it was a good one.  “What about a  special day for Kids?” Divine and her volunteers discussed the idea and decided that summer’s end should have one day to celebrate kids before they went back to school— and so Kids’ Day was born!  70 children registered for the special day at the church which began on Saturday with breakfast and included lunch, snacks and dinner before the children were    returned to their homes.  In-between featured non-stop fun!  The children played competitive games, sang, danced and learned about how special they are to God.  The energy of Divine and her volunteers was tireless for that 8 hour celebration, but undoubtedly they were all beat the next day— the children; however, were all ready for church on Sunday to have some more fun in the Son!

We so appreciate the dedicated volunteers who staffed the program, as well as those who cooked and cleaned and helped to manage such a group.  Everyone had so much fun and felt so special at the day’s end.  Every child also took home a little bag of treats to say “Happy Kids’ Day!”  Divine plans to make this an annual celebration… but that day of celebration might be just a little shorter next time—Whew! 

 Pasko sa Nayon

Our first benefit event for TWOP was held at The Way Out Ministries in Hawaiian Gardens, CA where 80 guests attended.  The Christmas- themed program raised $7,000 for TWOP!  Our prayer is that those who attended will also spread the word about our work, so that many people will join our team by pledging their monthly support to the TWOP.  Even a small donation goes a long way. Can you join us? 

A Vist From the USA 

Pastor Barry (CEO of The Way Out Ministries International) brought a small team of four with him to the Philippines for his second visit to San Jose in October.  The team included his daughter Rachel (TWO Coordinator of Ministry Affairs), Rev. Sarah Park (TWO Board President) with her husband Leo and a member of The Gathering Church, Maira Dulin. The team brought many supplies, craft and sports equipment, a guitar, drum, keyboard and assorted sound equipment. They also brought many T-shirts for TWOP volunteers and another batch for the children. The team participated in dedicating both TWOP Ministry Center and our church.  Pastor Barry also joined in baptizing some of our members.

Maira, a jeweler by trade, taught a jewelry making class to some of our local women with hopes that they might create pieces to sell in America to help fund the ministry in their city. Maira is overseeing a new non-profit business of TWO called Mahal kita which means I love you in Tagalog. All sales of the jewelry put 100% into the work of TWOP.  Can we set up a sales table at your next event? Call us at our U.S. office and let’s make a date to raise some funds!