We’re Building In San Jose!

Our Facilities Director, Mark Salcido, has been busy with his team building two projects for The Way Out Philippines(TWOP) in San Jose.
Our first project began as a renovation of a donated duplex for our Mindoro office and resource center, but became a rebuild after Mark discovered that the original structure was faulty.  Pastor Barry, his wife Terryl (founders of The Way Out) and Board Member Linda Fernandez got to see the construction in progress when they visited in January.  They were all impressed with the craftsmanship and soundness of the structure.  They also visited our newly adopted church, Chapel By The Beach, which met in an open air structure on Aroma Beach.  Mark’s building orders shifted after that visit and the church became the priority! The roof was redone, walls, ceiling, windows and doors were added— and everything got a paintjob just in time for Holy Week.  Mark’s team even made a large cross for the stage!  The next phase of building for the church will include men’s and women’s comfort rooms (rest rooms) and a youth building, but for now Mark’s team is back to work on completing phase 1 of the Resource Center in town. 

.  It is to be finished by Pastor Barry’s second trip to the    Philippines in October when his daughter, Rachel Perez, Coordinator of Ministry Affairs, Sarah Park, Board President, along with her husband Leo and Gathering Church member Maira Dulin will join him.  Phase 2 of the resource center will begin sometime after our first Philippine US fundraiser is held on November 4 in Southern California— we hope you will attend.  That second story project will include guest rooms and a training facility for short-term missionaries.

A 6.2 earth quake shook San Jose early in June but fortunately no one was hurt.  Mark was quick to check the newly built structures.  We are glad to report that everything is standing firm and there are no cracks in our buildings!

TWOP Director Divina Canapit outside her newly finished office in San Jose.

God Uses Video

 Our Director of Ministries in San Jose, Divina Canapit, is working hard with her volunteers to keep ministry happening in San Jose while we are searching for a full-time pastor.  Video has become a great  resource both at The Way Out and at our church, Chapel By The Beach. Both worship and teaching videos were created in the U.S. at The Way Out Ministries International and translated in Tagalog by our new friend Edith Andres.  These videos were digitally sent, burned onto disks and showed each Sunday beginning on Holy Week.  Diivina and volunteers, who run a children’s feeding and Bible program every Saturday, joined with Occidental College student, Shynalyn Loreto and her sister to teach the children how to dance.

Services on Palm Sunday and Easter featured the children’s performances. Each week, Divina greets those who come to church, introduces the segments and closes in prayer.  Pastor Barry and his son Ryan pre-taped    services and worship through Holy Week and followed with a Bible series through Philippians. Services are now being live streamed from   Calvary Chapel, Montelbaun (Manila) by Pastor Rowell Castillo. Video Church is now being shown mid-week to our workmen at The Way Out too. Pray that Jesus will get a hold of these twelve men!  Let’s not forget that is how many our Lord started with in the first place! 

While we were using video so well we decided to begin a weekly outreach at the church with regular showings of THE CHOSEN, the hit Multi-Season Series About the Life of Jesus. The movie is in English with Tagalog subtitles and gets a good family viewing every week!  Once again, Divina greets the people, introduces the movie and answers questions and prays at the conclusion of the evening.  Although the congregation is enjoying the video lessons and movies we are praying hard for a full-time pastor.  Meanwhile, be praying for Divina and her volunteers as they labor for the Lord.

Pasko sa Nayon

 Please mark your calendars now and plan to join us at our first benefit event for The Way Out Ministries Philippines (see ad above).  It will be a Filipino Christmas with all the great food and entertainment you’d expect plus multi-media updates and testimonies on all that’s happening in San Jose.  Tell your friends and family.  Tickets are $40 and reserved by calling Rachel Perez @ 562.321.084