Turner High School

Based upon an observed need in student education for more individual attention and spiritual development, The Way Out Ministries Christian Academy was established in 1997 with a 7th grade class. From that first year, a new grade was added annually. The school was rapidly growing and principal and teacher, Terryl Bruce, needed administrative help. That help was realized in Terry Turner, Terryl’s former high school Algebra teacher. Terry became the calm in the storm and helped to organize the school in its early stages. By the fall of 2000, Terry Turner had signed on as principal of the academy, but his tenure with us would be cut short. In December of 2001, Mr. Turner died in a car accident. Even in his death, Mr. Turner continued to bless the academy. Donations made in his name helped to furnish the school with a state of art computer lab, which he had always desired for his students.

In 2003, The Way Out Ministries Christian Academy graduated its first senior class! The graduation was bitter sweet as they recalled the loss of Mr. Turner, but the school continued to grow and added teachers to its staff. In February 2006, the name of the school was officially changed to Turner High School in honor of Mr. Terry Turner.

The school remained open and served the City of Hawaiian Gardens for eighteen years. On June 11, 2015, Turner High School graduated its final class. In its eighteen years of operations, 65 graduates completed its educational requirements and continued on to higher education, or civilian, military, and Christian ministry careers. The closing of the school creates the opportunity for new and more affordable ministries in a challenging economic time. We are looking forward to creating new educational programs that will continue to make use of the Terry Turner Memorial Computer lab.