Celebrating a Servant

Our board and staff recently celebrated retired Board  Member, Bill Irish, at a special luncheon held in honor of his 20 years of service with The Way Out Ministries.  Bill stepped down as our treasurer, but his wife Vera and he remain our friends forever.  Bill has touched so many lives through his volunteer work with the ministry.  Rather he was publicly speaking, answering questions behind a mission’s table, preparing and giving financial reports or setting up work groups of volunteers— Bill has always set an example as a humble servant of Jesus. 
Our Coordinator of Ministry Affairs, Rachel Perez, presented Bill with a special time clock plaque for his service and a thank you video that she had prepared filled with so many people expressing their thanks.
Some of those people Bill knew and many he did not.  They were children, youth and adults who had been blessed in various ways by the ministry of The Way Out.   Many were those he had helped send to camp, others were former gang members, drug addicts and alcoholics now living a new life in Christ. Others had been homeless.  In that video were also grateful parents and admiring friends, staff and board members.  Some said a few words of encouragement and appreciation and others just said “thank you Bill!” 

Bill had first come to our aid in the aftermath of the tragic death of his best friend, Terry Turner.  Mr. Turner was the principal of our secondary school then— The Way Out Ministries Christian Academy (Later renamed Turner Christian High School and now the Terry Turner Resource   Center).  His wife Robin was (and still remains) our volunteer bookkeeper (and now also a Board Member).  Robin asked Bill for some financial advice regarding the ministry. He came first as an act of service in honor of his friends, but soon he too fell in love with the ministry.  God turned a tragedy into a blessing as He often does.  Bill stood to speak such sentiments as these and then graciously thanked us for the opportunity that we had given him to serve God in such a way.  He has gone out just as he had come in—  as a humble blessing from God.  Well done good and faithful servant!   We are so grateful for Bill Irish and his legacy of love.

Ken Gets a New Heart!

 You may remember that we featured Ken  Cochran in a couple of newsletter stories over the years—first in May of 2017 (issue 207) in an article titled A Heroes’ Hero.

We featured Ken again in March 2021(issue 229) in a story about him helping in our resource center.  At that time Ken was living on faith and volunteering as he could despite a weak heart.  Ken became a candidate for a heart transplant at Keck Hospital, but was then diagnosed with Cancer and taken off the list that he had waited so long to get on.  After a successful Cancer surgery, Ken had multiple medical set backs.  The Way Out Ministries and his church prayed with him and helped to  provide for his needs throughout his ordeal. After many months Ken was put back on the transplant list and finally got his new heart in this new year!  After eighteen months Ken  recently was able to come back to The Way  Out Ministries and visit!  He looks forward to getting back to the Resource Center and volunteering once again.  He is gaining in strength everyday.  Please pray for Ken and that his heart will beat strong with the love of Jesus for many years to come.

Eddie and Wings of Faith          

Artist and friend Eddie Swan graced our back lot handball court with a creative masterpiece. A reminder for us all of who sets us free.  We love this statement of faith that Eddie has gifted to our children and youth.  Thank you friend!    

 Camp— Worth Writing About         

 Of all the experiences that bring an adult back to Christ after a long period of being away its camp.  It is where so many kids first find faith and what the heart and mind remember most from childhood.  The Way Out Ministries has been taking kids to camp for over 30 years and all because of generous sponsors. Your investment in sponsoring a child for camp has eternal returns and also gives children and youth the opportunity to experience new adventures like hiking, star gazing, archery, singing, praying around the campfire and making new friends. 

You can become a camp sponsor today! Simply fill out the enclosed card and mail it with your check in the envelope provided or go to thewayout.org and click on “partner” and “Be A Camp Sponsor”.  Your grateful camper will be sure to write you a letter telling you all about his or her  experience.  Camp is always worth writing about!