After only eight months of our call to begin The Way Out Ministries Philippines (TWOP), Terryl and I were on a fifteen hour flight to Manila.  Upon our arrival we met up with TWOP Board Member Linda Fernandez and her brother Phillip— “tour guide extraordinaire!”  The next morning we woke early and flew once again to Occidental Mindoro, landing in San Jose—  and that is where we left our hearts!

The adventures were great!  Motorized tricycle rides through the busy streets that broke every American driving law ever written,  a wild boat ride across the China sea in a wave- crashing, wind-blown fishing boat, a jungle walk on Illin Island,  eating fresh coconut hand cut by our trail guide, and the many sights and stops traveling from the bustling city of Manila to the countryside of Tuba, Benguet.  All of these things were outdone by the people we met in our little church, Chapel By The Beach.  The beautiful and exuberant children that we sang with, played with, prayed with and fed.  The fifteen couples that we ate with and taught to walk with Christ. Hearing worship in Tagalog and watching costumed  children dance for us to God Bless America— what  a warm and hospitable people they are and so open to hear the gospel of Jesus.

While in San Jose we saw our ministry center being built.  The first floor is almost complete and the roof is nearly finished.  The structure is solid brick and concrete and the finishing work, electrical and plumbing is beautifully done.  By the end of our visit, God had made it clear to us to offer a full-time job to the builder.  Mark Salcedo accepted our offer to be TWOP Director of Facilities.  “I believe that God is calling me to this work”, he said.  Mark will direct and oversee all of our building projects in the Philippines and manage all repairs and upkeep at our facilities.

We also hired Mark’s mother, Divina Canapit as Director of TWOP.  She was instrumental in the beginnings of our church and has tirelessly worked for years in reaching the people in San Jose with the gospel.  The ministry in the Philippines is in good hands with this strong woman of faith.  She attracts volunteers with her persuasive personality and vision.  Davina is an avid prayer  warrior!  Please keep this mother and son in prayer as God brings good things to San Jose through TWOP.

You can hear and see more updates on TWOP including Terryl and my report to The Gathering Church by going to our web page at thewayout.org and selecting “International” on the menu.

Jesus Loves H.G

The new year sent our founders to the Philippines and our church, The Gathering, to the streets of   Hawaiian Gardens for our annual outreach of love to the community.  Volunteers shared the love of Jesus by offering free services to the community.  A free car wash, free tokens and soap at a local laundry mat, and a trash pick up that cleared 75 pounds of trash from the city streets and sidewalks.  Prayer and    counsel was also offered to those in need.  Forty volunteers participated in the four hour outreach.

Our summer camp programs are coming soon and we are looking for camp sponsors.  Will you be one? Natasha Martin, one of our camp counselors, urges you to help send a kid to camp with her story below:

I have been a teacher at Kid’s Church for the past ten years, but my first year as a camp counselor with The Way Out was a totally different experience. It was a chance to put love and teaching into action and to form bonds and develop relationships with the fifteen girls and two other counselors in my cabin. At camp our girls got to see and witness the love of God.  Not all of these girls weren’t Christians, but five of them accepted Christ as  their Savior!

I accepted Christ at the age of 4 when a stranger knocked on the door and handed my seven year old cousin a tract because no adults were home. She and I read it, discussed it and made a sincere decision to ask Jesus into our lives. We even prayed together! Because of that personal experience, I know how sincere the heart of a  child is and how God completes the work he   begins just as He has done in me. 

Your investment in sponsoring a child for camp has eternal returns.  In addition These campers also get to do things they might never have the opportunity to do such as zip-lining, camping,   hiking, star gazing, archery, forest laser tag,   singing and praying around the campfire, and most importantly learning to love and to be loved! I can sincerely say your donation will be well spent!

In a society that increasingly rejects God and  celebrates sin, children must “taste and see that the Lord is good.”  Please join with me in offering them the sweetness of Jesus by becoming a camp sponsor today. Simply fill out the enclosed card and mail it with your check in the envelope     provided or go to thewayout.org and click on “partner” and “Be A Camp Sponsor”.